Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Attempt at a Christmas photo

One evening...none really turned out. I think this is cute though...
Another evening....the girls not looking at the camera ..

Mom and Anna not looking...

Eliza where are you going and Anna are you trying to eat an ornament...

My favorite Eliza has a whole ornament in her mouth and Anna is looking a little drunk. Not what I was going for!!!


Our first Christmas in our new home! Our first real Christmas tree ever in our marriage! We were pretty excited to get a real Christmas tree this year. I love the way they smell. Don't worry we have added to the decor by adding a protective barrior around our tree so our children do not try to take all the ornaments off.

Anna turns 2

Checking out the gifts!

So excited for this one!

I love my new tricycle! Thanks Uncle Chris!

Ready to blow out the candles on my cake!
I can't believe she is already 2 years old!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The kiddo's

Big Cheese!
That's better...what a sweet face!

Eliza is growing up!

Her favorite blankie...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The girls

On a walk at the park! The best double stroller!
It is sad to say that this is the best photo I have of them together. Don't get me wrong they are precious, but at some point I would love for them to sit side by side and smile at the same time.

They are smiling in this one....maybe I am asking too much.
They are growing up SO fast. Anna is 21 months and Eliza is 8 months.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pool pictures!

Wild hair!

Having so much fun!

Loves the water!

Nap time!

Leslie and Anna

Thank goodness for Leslie and Holly. Taking two babies to the pool is definitely a three woman job!

Eliza loves the water...she did scream in the beginning, but then started to have fun. I don't think she liked being cold.


I thought I would change things up a bit. Too much pink and green? What do you think?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anna and Eliza

Mom, do you recognize this dress?

This is one of my dresses that I had as a little girl that my mom kept for me to use for my little girl one day. I don't know why Anna looks so sad. She loves her owl dress. She can say owl and I taught her what sound the owl makes. We had fun saying Hoo Hoo. Oh well!

Eliza waving hello to her MaMa, which by the way she is saying! She is also saying Dadadada and babbabab.

North Carolina Trip

Here are a couple pictures from our trip to NC to see Annette and Family. The flash on my camera is STILL broken :( One day I will get it fixed so I can take pictures indoor's once again. I say all that to say this, if you have great pictures from that weekend please send them my way. The two above I stole from my sister-in-law :)

Monday, June 30, 2008

More pictures of the girls!

These are some recent pictures of my precious girls. Anna is now 19 months and Eliza is now 6 months. Life is extremely busy with two little ones! It is getting easier though. I can hardly remember what life was like when Eliza was born. It is all a blur! Some how we survived a newborn, a 13 month old, finding a house, and a new job for John. Whoa...that's alot! Eliza is finally sleeping better at night and Anna is learning new words every day. We have moved into a new house and I hope by Christmas will be settled and feeling more like home. John is enjoying his new job as Pastor of Hope Aglow Fellowship Church and chaplan in the Blue Ridge jail system. Enjoy the pictures friends, family and blog stalkers!

The girls!

I was going to sit there!
So sweet.

What a good big sister. She is showing Eliza how it works.

We've moved.

Our first house! We are official home owners and in debt :) We closed on the house June 6th and signed our name MANY times!!! Just an FYI the green shutters and doors will be painted ASAP. The color the previous owner used was race car green. Not the best color for doors and shutters in my opinion. I will put more pictures up of the house, backyard and rooms when we are more settled. We needed a house in a certain amount of time and God provided for our every need!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Walk on Black Water trail

Yesterday was a really pretty day and so we decided to take advantage of the nice weather. Here are some pictures from the trail looking at the James River. Anna loved it! Her new phrase is "I see. I see." Meaning I want to see. One of the photo's is of her trying to climb the fence.

Saturday, April 12, 2008