Thursday, May 7, 2009

some pictures from the last couple weeks....

We are plugging away here in Lynchburg. John has been gone for 5 weeks and a couple days! We can't wait to see him during family weekend in the middle of June!!! Our house had an offer, but it fell through. That is my one prayer request. That our house would sell. John is doing well in boot camp. I am sending him a letter every day through this whole process. He stays really busy so he writes when he can. His letters sound really positive. It is hard, but he is doing great.
Eliza can wear bows! Though, they do not stay in for long.

She loves wearing mommy's shoes...she is going to be my shoe girl!

Anna's favorite spot these days. She watches me cook and clean up from this spot.

Anna's new The following are pictures that she took :)