Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Such a bad blogger...

The past couple months have been busy to say the least! This is why I am such a bad blogger. Life with my three little girls keeps me busy and then add being a military wife on top of that. John is off training for a month before he deploys. I am busy packing up the house as the girls and I are gear up for our move back to Va. My 10 month old is into everything!! She is crawling, pulling herself up and putting everything in her mouth. The older girls are into toys with little pieces and I am scared to death that Abigail will choke. I am trying to teach Anna and Eliza to put trash in the trash can and clean up the strawberry doll pieces, but they sometimes forget.

This is such a bitter sweat time. We are excited that we will be back in Va, but at the same time know it will be hard being separated from John for a year. I want to cherish this year, which may sound weird, but I don't want it to just go by with me trying to get through it. I want to enjoy my children at the ages that they are and will be. I want to use this time to grow in my relationship with the Lord. This year will be tough and lonely without John, but I know it can be/will be a time where I am forced to come to a place where Jesus alone is enough. I have goals of reading a book once a month. It was actually a new years resolution to read 12 books this year and I am just extending that until John comes home. I have already read three and just started my fourth! My other goal is to paint every room in my house in Va. It will probably take me a year just to decide on a paint color for the living room. I really need help to decorate...I just do not have an eye or talent for it! The girls have already picked out purple and pink for their rooms. I will start there :)

So these are just some thoughts on how I will thrive not just survive during this upcoming deployment... (My fourth book is Thriving Not Just Surviving deployment perspectives for today's military families)

Hope you enjoy the pictures....

Abigail doesn't want to miss anything...she crawled right into take a closer look at what John, Anna ad Eliza were doing.

Abigail is really coloring. She watches the girls color and wants to color right along...I just have to watch her so she doesn't mark on everything around her and put the crayon in her mouth.

We took a trip to Gigi and Poppi's for the weekend. The girls are outside taking a quick break from gardening so I could get their picture.

My good friend Kelly had her baby this past Saturday and we went to visit them today. I got a picture of the big brothers and girls together.