Saturday, June 27, 2009

Surprise for John

Well, I lot of you know Sabrena Carter Deal. I had seen a lot of her work on facebook and for a long time I have wanted her to take some family pictures of us. We aren't going to be living in Lynchburg much longer so I thought I needed to hurry up and ask her before she gets booked up. I also wanted to put together an album of his girls to take to airborne school. If he gets deployed any time soon (praying that he won't) he could take it with him too. Here is a little preview of some of the pictures she took. She is so talented! I am so excited to put this surprise together for John.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

23 days....

We have just returned from our cross country adventure! Well, it seems that way. We went to Charleston, SC, then to Columbus GA, back to SC and then home to VA. It was nice to get away and it was wonderful seeing John. He looks so different. He weighs about 190. He has lost about 35 pounds since Christmas. I told him he looks like a teenager! He is doing really well. He is ready to be back with his family! I am REALLY READY for him to be back with us. We will be going back to GA in 23 days to see him graduate. He then will have about 3 weeks of airborne school. Right now it looks like we will be going to Ft. Campbell KY. Anything can change, but as for now that is where we are headed.
Here are some pictures from GA...

Eliza ready to go see Daddy
Anna is so excited!

The wanted to cuddle with Daddy the whole time
So cute

John in his uniform

With the girls...Anna is pretend crying in this photo. She likes to make different faces and then look at herself in the camera. This is the face she decided on in these particular photo's.

Taking John back to the sad to have to say good-bye.

Love him!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It has been a while!

The past couple weeks have been rough and crazy! Not a good combination. We were in a car accident to start it off. We were rear ended! I ended up taking the girls to the hospital to get checked out with the help of my friend Lindsay! Everyone is doing fine. I had to deal with claims and insurance, but I figured all that stuff out. I am now driving a 2008 dodge caravan while the car is in the shop. I am NOT a van person, but this thing is awesome. Anna keeps saying look at our beautiful new car. Don't get too attached honey! The next car we get WILL HAVE a built in DVD player. Next came the sickness! The girls were sick and then I was sick. We are all better now! Thank goodness! I have been having trouble with the drain in our basement, but that is now fixed too (thanks Chris). John has been gone for 9 weeks and I am just tired. Things are looking better now. We go see John in 10 days :) I will be traveling to Charleston to stay with my parents for a couple days, then to GA to see John and then back to Charleston. It will be a lot of driving, but well worth it.
Here are some pictures of some recent events...

playing together in the yard

So sweet!

My wonderful sister came in for a visit. The girls love their Auntie Aldi.

The girls and me (looking tired and I need some make-up)

Yesterday was beautiful and I got out the baby pools and water table.
She is so happy.

It is a little cool for her. Eliza just jumps right in, but Anna takes her time.

Now we are warmed up!

Water table time!

Walking around the pool together!