Thursday, July 29, 2010


I love all my girls!!! They really are just the sweetest kids and I am so thankful that God has given me these three little blessings!!!

Anna and Eliza love Abigail. They are in her face ALL the time. Every day I have to remind them to back up and give her some space. They love playing mommy and this is what I find...

Baby doll in the car seat.. Notice she has the baby's juice ready too :)

and the baby's are taking a nap...

I love listening to the girls play together especially when it comes to playing with their baby dolls. I hear phrases that I say about Abigail like she is fussy, oh no she spit up, look at this cute little face...It is just so funny and cute to hear them say this about their baby dolls.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today's craft project

This summer the girls and I have loved doing crafts together. I love simple, easy, fun to do crafts. I got the dyed rice idea from my friend Leslie's blog. She home schools her boys and comes up with a lot of fun creative things to do with her kids. All you need to dye rice is plastic bags, rice, food coloring and hand sanitizer (so simple). You put the rice in the bag, add a little hand sanitizer and a couple drops of food coloring and mix it around. Voila, dyed rice. I drew a picture with glue on construction paper and the girls added the rice.

At the end they had fun mixing all the colored rice together. I got them some spoons and they pretended the were cooking in the kitchen. All around it was a fun afternoon with a fun activity.

The finished product. Then we saved the rest of the mixed rice to do more art work another day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Operation no more pacifier...

Operation no more pacifier was a success!

It did take about 4 days for her to adjust, but we survived. It has now been about two weeks and she no longer asks for her pacifier. She seems a little more grown up to me. I had wanted to get rid of it earlier, but with a new baby coming and John leaving I thought it would be a little too much all at one time. Next we will be working on operation no more diapers for Eliza. I have been successful with Anna, but Eliza does not seem as interested. She will use the potty, but does not want to wear underwear. Anna was really into it. Eliza not so much. I bribe her with treats, toys and a special potty dance, but doesn't want any of these. I guess I just need to hold off and wait until she is ready...

Eliza sleeping peacefully with no paci.

Could we fit any more animals in the bed???

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Saturday...

Along with really hot temps we have had some really rainy days....

I wanted to capture the puddles...ignore my flower beds. I would love to plant and garden...some day I will.

So crafts it is... cupcake baking cups glued on large popsicle sticks and you have flowers. We also used markers and stickers to decorate.

I am surprised how into crafts Anna is. They both are, but Anna can sit for a much longer time and work. She knows what she wants to do, has a plan, concentrates on her project and is meticulous about her work.

This is one of her flowers...

These are Eliza's flowers...

The flowers were a success.

2 months old

On July 14th Abigail turned 2 months. She is healthy and doing great. She is finally smiling! She has the cutest little smile! She weighs 11lbs 10oz and she is 22 1/2 inches.

I looked up how much the other girls weighed at their two month appointment...
Anna weighed 12lbs 8oz and she was 22 1/2 inches long too.
Eliza was 13 lbs 3 oz and she was 23 1/2 inches long.

Old pictures...

I got these pictures from my mom's camera. They are a little old, but I thought I would add them.

My precious ballerina's

This was back at Christmas. I feel like in just half a year they have already grown.

This was a family picture at Anna's birthday party back in November.

At the park back in the fall...I remember being sooo sick with Abigail, but we went to the park anyway.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Doll Baby

I know I am her mother, but I think this is the sweetest most beautiful little face. I am so blessed to have three of the most wonderful children.


It has been so hot outside that we have had to be indoors. While inside we have been doing lots of coloring, painting, and creating things with play dough. Below are some of what we have been doing . We went to Michael's craft store one morning and I found tinkerbell and cinderella dolls and jewlry boxes to paint and decorate.

4th of July

Our friends next door invited us over for a 4th of July cookout. We had a great time hanging out with friends and then later watching fire works from our back yard. I made my traditional 4th of July cake...

Anna and Andy

Eliza and I tried to get Seth to come over and sit with her, but he is 1 and 1/2 and didn't really feel like it :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well, we are always busy around here. We came back to Fayetteville when Abigail was 2 1/2 weeks old. We had a nice visit from John's mom and then headed back to SC for a week for Father's Day and my Dad's birthday. We have been going to the pool, playing with our neighbors, we went to Surfside beach for the day and doing a lot of art because it has been SO hot outside!!!

John should be coming home in a month. I am so ready for him to be back. I am ready for him to meet and hold Abigail. The girls miss him and every time he calls they ask him when he will be home. Not too much longer. We have made it this far...the next four weeks should go by quickly.

Enjoy some pictures of my sweet girls!!

So comfortable!!

movie stars...

pretty princesses

so sweet

I love baby feet...

I bought this great tent for the beach and for outside. Abigail loved it and it worked great.

The girls played so hard at the beach. They ran and ran. They played in the sand and jumped over little waves. They loved it! We can't wait to go back in the middle of August as a family :)