Monday, June 30, 2008

More pictures of the girls!

These are some recent pictures of my precious girls. Anna is now 19 months and Eliza is now 6 months. Life is extremely busy with two little ones! It is getting easier though. I can hardly remember what life was like when Eliza was born. It is all a blur! Some how we survived a newborn, a 13 month old, finding a house, and a new job for John. Whoa...that's alot! Eliza is finally sleeping better at night and Anna is learning new words every day. We have moved into a new house and I hope by Christmas will be settled and feeling more like home. John is enjoying his new job as Pastor of Hope Aglow Fellowship Church and chaplan in the Blue Ridge jail system. Enjoy the pictures friends, family and blog stalkers!

The girls!

I was going to sit there!
So sweet.

What a good big sister. She is showing Eliza how it works.

We've moved.

Our first house! We are official home owners and in debt :) We closed on the house June 6th and signed our name MANY times!!! Just an FYI the green shutters and doors will be painted ASAP. The color the previous owner used was race car green. Not the best color for doors and shutters in my opinion. I will put more pictures up of the house, backyard and rooms when we are more settled. We needed a house in a certain amount of time and God provided for our every need!