Friday, August 28, 2009

Army = Emotional Roller Coaster

John called at 7:15 this morning and said my orders have been changed. I will be going to pick them up around 9:00. An overwhelming amount of fear and anxiety swept over me. What does this mean? At that point John didn't know, he said his unit had deployed yesterday and that he could be sent right over there or changing units. After a lot of tears, an e-mail to my wonderful military support in Lynchburg, crying and praying in the shower I waited for John's phone call. My friend Lindsay had emailed me saying, "even in the military the Lord's hand is always at work." Why do I even doubt God for a second??? Later this morning John called and said that his orders had been changed to the 1st company and that they would be leaving in a month. There was someone high up in the office that happened to ask John if he had a family he was trying to move. John said yes and the man said, I am going to help you out and changed him to the 2nd company. They will not be leaving until next year. Praise God! I am so thankful that we will have time as a family to get settled at Ft Bragg before he leaves. So we are really going...we will be moving to some house on base within the next couple weeks..maybe... God is good and faithful always!
Enoy some of the latest family pictures by Sabrena Deal :) I asked her to take some family pictures with the thought that John would be deploying in the next couple months.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Crazy life...

I really do live a crazy life. I have traveled all over the place this summer with two little ones BY MYSELF. Thank you Lord for keeping us safe on all our journey's. About 3 weeks ago we left at 3am for Surfside Beach. I didn't really know exactly how to get there, but I printed off directions. Around 5am I am thinking I am lost. I am driving with two sleeping is dark outside and nothing is open. I get out my map and a flash light while I am still driving to see if I can find the right way to go. I can't figure it out so who can I call at 5am...My Dad! I know he will be awake. We finally figure out the right way, but my babies are now awake in the car :(
We stayed in Surfside Beach with Gigi and Poppi for a couple days, we went to Charleston for a couple days and then we left to see Daddy at Ft Benning GA. It was a long couple weeks, but on August 14, John graduated from Airborne school and we were able to bring him home. That day he also received his orders. We will be going to Ft. Bragg NC. He also found out that he is with a group that will be leaving for Afghanistan this fall. I spend a couple hours crying on the way home. He was finally coming home after 20 weeks, but it was heartbreaking to know he will be leaving again so soon. Now we are trying to figure out housing on base and we are still trying to figure out what to do with our house in Lynchburg. The thought has crossed my mind to just stay here while he is deployed. I have friends, church, aerobics, doctors, and romp N roll all here. Until he leaves we want to be with John so we don't know if it will work out. Now we are just waiting on God and the army. Needless to say, life is a little crazy for us right now.
Enjoy the pictures from our trip...

Not part of our trip..But just thought it was funny that Anna like to color in my heals :)
The girls loved the beach!

We had a chance to meet up with John's Brother Sam, who is in Iraq right now, sister-in-law Ashley and nephew Charlie. Sam was home on a two week leave. Isn't Charlie adorable!! I had a hard time taking pictures of moving children with my slow camera!

We stayed at the Uchee Creek campsite at Ft Benning...we were staying in a one room cabin, but the very last night they messed up our reservation so they put us up in a chalet. It was wonderful other than the dead mouse I found in the toilet!

Beautiful view!

Anna slept on the top bunk...what a big girl!

sisters :)

Anna loves dressing up in Daddy's soldier clothes!

Another bit of news is that Anna is oficially a big girl because she has given up her pacifiers! She is growing up so fast. More to come about moving at a later date.....