Monday, June 7, 2010

I should be asleep!

But I am updating the blog with some family photo's... I am tired, but when you have children all around you all day long you need a break and some down time to just sit. So here I am sitting, watching some TV, blogging and knowing that I will regret this in just a few short hours! Enjoy some recent photo's...things are going well and I am loving my new little bundle. She is so sweet and I could just kiss her little cheeks all day long!! Anna and Eliza are doing well and every day they tell me how much they love their new baby. They are great big sisters. I am very thankful for a smooth transition.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Abigail's Birth Story

Oh, where to begin...I guess let me start by saying that God is SO good and was in this whole process. He has given me an abundance of peace and energy along the way....

On May 13th my dad and I made the trip from Mt. pleasant to Lexington, SC. I had my first and only appointment with my new doctor, Dr. Shipley. I went in had an ultra sound and was checked. I was 2 centimeters dialated, 80% effaced, and a + 1. I would be induced the next day :) I was big, uncomfortable and ready to meet Abigail!
On May 14th I was at Lexington hospital at 5am. I had been up since 3am unable to sleep. I checked in and got hooked up to monitors. I was contracting on my own about every 5 to 6 minutes. By 7am I had my epidural, the patocin was going and my water had been broken. I was comfortable and all I had to do was wait. I couldn't have asked for a more smooth labor and delivery! My Dad and my Aunt Kaye (Dr. Shipley's wife ) were there with me. My mom was at home taking care of my girls until my brother's girlfriend could get there. My mom finally got there around 11:40ish. Dr. Shipley said the day before that Abigail should be here by lunch...A little after 12:00 everyone started rushing around getting everything ready. I pushed twice and she made her grand entrance at 12:21. She was 8lbs 3ozs and 20 inches long. As much as I wanted John there with me it was really wonderful having my mom and my Aunt with me supporting me!

When we first learned of John's deployment the plan was for me to deliver on my own in Fayetteville and find someone to take care of my kids. I am so thankful that my mom talked with my Aunt Kaye and Dr. Shipley thought that that was a crazy idea and that I could NOT be by myself in NC. I am so thankful that I didn't have to have Abigail at the Army hospital because I would have had to share a room. I was taken care of at Lexington hospital which made John happy with him being so far away. I am so thankful for a smooth, easy delivery. I am so thankful that 10 minutes after I delivered Abigail John called me. I am thankful that Abigail is healthy and doing well after some breathing issues in the hospital. The list could go on and on...God is faithful and carried me through!