Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last post from Fayetteville, NC

Well the time has come for the big move back to Virginia. We are almost packed, the girls had their last day of pre-school last Friday and John is officially on leave. At this very moment I am calm, but I have had moments of AHHHH! With the Army you have to just go with the flow because our plans have already changed. John was told on Monday that he will be going to WLC (warrior leaders course), which is awesome because he will probably promote in the next couple months. It is just crazy timing with the move and him deploying. Their are so many what ifs and unknowns about our future. John's contract will be up next August. Do we stay in the Army? Do we get a civilian job and join the national guard? What do we do with our house in Va.? Their are so many more questions than just these...I have to just give it to the Lord or else I am going to go crazy with anxiety! I am trusting God through all the unknowns. He has never failed me. He will continue to take care of me.
Enjoy the pictures...I added a lot :) My next post will be from Va.
I love these girls

Daddy is home from JRTC...the girls were so excited to see him. Abigail wasn't sure about him for the first few minutes, but then started following him every where. She has him wrapped around her little finger. She will follow him fake crying so he will pick her up. She loves her Daddy!

 The best picture I got and of course I cut off the top of John's head!

Today was a beautiful day and we spent the afternoon at the park. Abigail loves to swing!

We love this park because it is right next to the air field and you can watch all the huge planes take off and land.

I love this classic Eliza face! A lady walked by and said, "oh what a pretty picture." That was enough to get the Eliza glare :)

A random boy wanted his picture taken with the girls...who could blame him?