Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back in Lynchburg

We made it back home!!!! The car trip both ways was exhausting. We did have a great time while we were in Charleston. We went to the aquarium, played at the park and spent time with Poppi, Gigi and Uncle David. While we were there Anna figured out how to lock the doors and locked me out of the house with her and her sister inside. That was the only really horrible part of our trip. I found a neighbor that was home and used their cell phone to call my Dad. He rushed home, but didn't have a key because he uses the garage door. Anna decided to lock that door too. He had to get in through his room on the second story. The girls were fine. Eliza was a bit shaken from the whole thing. Here are some pictures from our trip...

Anna caught a fish!

Captain and 1st mate

Driving the boat

Poppi and Eliza

Gigi and Anna

The girls are ready for church.

Eliza loves her big sis!

Anna being silly!

That's better!


We are late!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

John's address

I am in Charleston, SC visiting my parents. I was supposed to leave this past Thursday, but I decided to stay until Monday (20th). The girls and I have been enjoying our time with Gigi and Poppi. We have been to the aquarium and to the park. I will post some more pictures when we get back to Lynchburg.

I did receive John's address :
Roster # 102 PLT 1 SPC John Allen
Delta Company, 1-330 IN Regt
198th Infantry Brigade
9240 Treadwell Drive
Fort Benning, GA 31905 - 5919

I know he would appreciate mail!! I will keep everyone posted as I hear from him. Thank you for your prayers. The girls and I are doing well.

Monday, April 6, 2009


It has been almost a week without John. I miss him SO much! I talked with him briefly a couple days ago and he is doing well. He won't officially start boot camp until April 10th (he thinks). The key with the girls is to keep them busy!! That is my plan while John is gone. One of my activities this week was finger painting....

I think I got something on my nose...

Quote from Anna, "Mommy, I painted my sister."

Spring pictures

We were on time for church yesterday so I seized the opportunity and took some pictures!!! We just got dressed so we were nice and clean :) I know I am their mom, but I just think they are precious!!!