Saturday, July 25, 2009

John's Graduation

John's graduation was really cool to watch. Lot's of action as you can see from the first couple pictures. The girls thought it was cool too. Anna talked loudly during the whole thing saying, "Are those soldiers mad? What are they doing?What are they doing with their mouths? Are they mad?" Where did those soldiers go?I want them to come back." I think we bothered the people all around us especially the lady in front of us. Eliza pushed Anna into the lady in front of her and smashed grapes on her shirt! All in all it was a great day and we are so proud of John. He looks like a hunk in his uniform :) Warning : ignore the humid hair in the photo's :)

Anna and Eliza loved this band and danced to the music in the stands :)

Marching..I think John is in there somewhere...

John and his mom

Uncle Ben, John and John's Dad

John and Chris...Chris is such a wonderful friend to us and has helped us so much while John has been away! Thank you Chris for all your help!

John's cousin's Heather and Julie came to support John too. We are so happy that they were able to come. Here is a picture of Julie and John. She was so wonderful helping me with the girls! They love her so much! Thank you Julie!

Gigi and Poppi's house

Before we went to GA to see John graduate we spent some time in SC with my family. We made a trip to Columbia to see family and stopped at the Columbia Zoo. My parents both grew up in Columbia, SC and for the most part Grandparents, Aunt's, Uncles, and cousins still live there. We went to see my Great Grandmother (age 107) that day and two days later she went to be with the Lord. We were all thankful that we were able to spend a little time with her and see her. We are blessed to have had her with us for so long.

Some pictures of the zoo..

We are ready for a nap..they were troopers we were there during naptime!

Playing dress up at Gigi's

Before we went to SC we went to the Roanoke Zoo with our friends Jackie and Lydia...Here we are about to ride the train! Eliza's face looks so funny to me :)