Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My baby ... all grown up!

Eliza at 2 weeks
Eliza at 13 months
I can't believe she let me wrap her up in her blanket and she stayed put. She has the wiggles usually :)

Cutie hair

I think her hair looks so cute like this and thought I would share...

Silly face
Mad face

Happy face

My life lately

Potty Training
We are working on it. She turned 2 November 18th so we are beginning this process. So far, she is doing really well. She has been using the potty every day. She sometimes will go just on her own, but usually I have to ask her. We have never ventured out in her big girl underwear. She literally goes to the bathroom every 10 or 15 minutes. I am just going to take this as a sign she is not fully ready. We will just continue what we are doing... I am not going to lie potty training seems so huge and it is stressing me out.

Lots of books to entertain while she goes...
This is a typical day in the Allen household :)