Wednesday, December 15, 2010

catching up...

This time of year goes by so quickly soooo I am playing catch up on the blog. I can't believe how close we are to Christmas. I am working on pre-school teacher gifts and then I am DONE. Woo Hoo!

In the last month this is what has been going on :

My dear wonderful friend Brittany Godfrey and her two adorable kids Abigayle and Jackson came to visit us before they moved to CO. We have known each other since freshman year of college which seems ages ago. We talk almost every day, but always seem to live so far away. Now she is two hours behind instead of one hour behind. Could we please live in the same time zone. Is that too much to ask????

The girls got a special birthday package from Uncle Sam, Aunt Ashley, Charlie and Owen. They love their dolls as you can see in the pictures!

My cute little Indian...

For thanksgiving we made our journey over to Hickory, NC to visit Nanna and Fowler crew. Here is a picture of the girls with their 2nd cousins, Ava and Ryan. Are they second cousins? John's cousins children. Not sure what exactly that would make it... But anyway, they had a great time playing together in the leaves. Sadly, Eliza lost her pants to dirt stains that were impossible to remove from their fun time in the wet leaves.

We celebrated the girls birthday's the weekend after Thanksgiving. I don't know if we will do a duel birthday every year, but it worked for us this year. Part of the reason this season is so busy is the two birthdays that are thrown into the mix. Anna is a Thanksgiving baby and Eliza is a Christmas baby. I thought pick a day inbetween and celebrate both.

Thanks Chris Deitsch and Rachel for making the trip to see the girls. It was fun visiting with you both!

My friend Kelly and her two boys came over. Kelly is pregnant with her third boy :)

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree how it was so hard to get you... I was bound and determined to get my free Christmas tree for the troops. I waited in a long car line for two hours, with three cranky kids. Anna had to pee sooo bad and thankfully I had a pull-up because their was NO WHERE to stop. Yes, my potty trained girl for well over a year was made to go in a pull-up all for the free tree. Well, here it is...

Lastly, the Allen kiddo's have been really sick. Strep throat, ear infections, and upper respiratory infections. I am keeping up with 5 different medications and breathing treatments for them all. I made a lovely chart :) The good news is is that they are feeling much better and we should all be well for Christmas!

A couple pictures of them sleeping peacefully.