Friday, January 16, 2009

Is it summer yet????

Some Christmas photo's I haven't put up...we went to Charleston, SC to visit my parents for Christmas. I love it there! It was warm on Christmas day and I loved it :)

Anna opening her gift....A doll from my Aunt Kaye. The girls love there baby dolls!
Eliza says baby now and will kiss and hug her baby dolls.

Playing with toys on Christmas morning...the phone was for Eliza, but Anna snatched it up. Next year I will be buying two of everything to avoid fighting. I didn't realize the fighting would start so early.

Happy Birthday to Eliza!!! She turned 1 on December 29th. I am so sorry that you have a Christmas birthday. Maybe when you get older we will celebrate your half birthday. I will have to make her birthday up to her in the years to come!
Not too interested in her cake.

ummm...this is not very good at all!!!

Trying to open her gift.

The girls love eachother.

When I ask Anna to give her sissy a hug she always grabs her head :)

Having fun in the play room!

I am running out of things to do with my kiddo's and I have never been so ready for warmer weather! I am looking forward to the park and filling up the baby pool outside. The kids are getting tired of being inside too! As I am writing this it is the coldest it has been all winter. I took Eliza to get her 1 year shots today and it was 12 degrees outside. Just a few more months to go.